Hacking Food Waste: Developing Climate Friendly Habits for a Better World

Help us hack a climate change problem!

Dates: To be determined

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Dates: To be determined.

The hackathon is a fun, two-day online event where youth will put their minds together to reduce food waste. You’ll have the chance to work with other youth around the state, learn what food waste is and what others are doing, and then you’ll be challenged to propose solutions to reduce food waste.

Hackathons are typically used in the IT world for people to propose a solution. They can be an intense period of time, usually over two days. For this hackathon, we’re looking for all kinds of solutions. Maybe you’ll have an idea for an app or website, or a Tik Tok video, or an ad campaign, or anything else you think will make the change. We need YOUR expertise and your ideas.

Youth: you can either sign up in teams of 2-4, or we can help you find a team for the event.

This event is open to youth across the State aged 14-18 (non-4-H youth are welcome). Compete for funding to support your ideas and change the world.

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Participants will receive some sweet SWAG for taking part in the Hackathon.

For more information, contact:
Courtney Mitchell, County Extension Agent courtmit@nmsu.edu

accessibility logo If you are an individual with a disability and need an auxiliary aid or service please contact Courtney Mitchell at courtmit@nmsu.edu, (575) 646-3026 by September 10, 2021.


Friday night

7:00pm – 7:10pm Introductions
7:10pm – 7:25pm Climate change/food waste presentation
7:25pm – 7:45pm Innovative media video presentation & Food waste presentation
7:45pm – 8:05pm Coaches meet with teams and short break
8:05pm – 8:15pm Understanding reliable sources of information
8:15pm – 8:30pm Topic brainstorming
8:30pm – 8:50pm Group share
8:50pm Team meetings and break for night


9:00am – 9:15am The Grand Challenge
9:15am – 11:00am Team meetings
11:00am – 11:15am Communication/Marketing presentation
11:15am – 3:00pm Team meetings
3:00pm – 3:15pm SWOT analysis presentation
3:15pm – 7:00pm Team meetings
7:00pm Guppy Tank!

Explore with us!

Here are some informative resources below:

Food waste - what you should know

How you can reduce food waste, save money and help the environment

A creative example of working against food waste

Canadian entrepreneurs are getting creative in trying to solve the world's food waste problem.

The extraordinary life and times of strawberry

Journey of a strawberry from the farm to the refrigerator to understand all that it takes to bring your food to you.

Food waste and the climate

Animation explaining why reducing food waste is good for the environment.

SavingFood Educational on food waste

Educational video tailored to children to help them comprehend the food waste problem and adopt environmentally and socially responsible behavior.

Food waste - how is it recycled

See how food waste is recycled and what it can be used for.

Food waste recycling - creating a circular economy

Explains the food waste recycling process and what we do with it once it has been collected.

What a waste: an animated short film about food waste

My senior year high school project about food waste.

Olympic peninsula how it looks under a mountain of food waste

Shrink food waste | Clallam county | Washington State

Aims to address the problem of food waste in North America. By educating youth on the impact of food loss and waste

Food Matters Action Kit, cartoon of avocado cooking

Food Matters action kit

Contains over 70 activities to engage youth in preventing food.

Room full of people watching a presentation

Food waste hackathon Italy

Two high schools from Asti, Italy collaborated on a food hackathon to combine the design expertise of a technical high school with the practical know-how of an agricultural high school school.

4H Career Explorations: High school 4H students from across New York State gather outside Gates Hall

Climate change & youth

Provides resources and supports youth climate change education through the 4-H youth development program.

home page for website with abstract background

Get educated. Take action

Our Climate Our Future is an award-winning video experience that educates young people on the science of climate change and empowers them to take action.

Home page with title and phone showing the app

Meet Too Good To Go

Anti-food waste app

webiste home page with title and illustration of app on phone

Save money and fight against food waste

Get massive savings on fresh food items like meat and produce that are nearing their best before date at grocery stores across Canada and the U.S.

website home page

NASA, Climate Kids

Discusses how NASA satellite monitor the Earth’s surface and provide scientists with important data related to crop growing and ocean healt.

homepage of website

Follow the food

Explains how food is typically not being used (food waste vs. food lost) and highlights the Netherlands’ more sustainable food model. Includes interactive scrolling.

game interface with three different bins for sorting

Rethink Waste sorting game

Simple game on recycling waste. Sort items correctly to get fun items for your own Park!

screenshot of the pieces for the game

Food waste reuse game

Well designed prototype for building recipes using items found in the house.

screenshot of game with character in vegetable garden

Hellmann's® new Animal Crossing island

Article on how virtual crops are turned into real food for people in need in the popular game Animal Crossing.

website homepage

Too Good To Waste implementation guide and toolkit

Guide and toolkit to reduce wasteful household food management practices.

basket of vegetables on the cover for the report

Save food for a better climate

FAO discusses recent actions and global frameworks for addressing climate change, particularly how they have been incorporated into national priorities and targets.

cover for the PDF

A national strategy to reduce food waste at the consumer level (2020)

Understanding food waste, consumers and the U.S. food environment. A research agenda for improving interventions to reduce food waste and their implementation.

website home page

New USDA resources to promote reduction of food loss and waste

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today announced new resources to inform consumers on how to reduce food waste during the July Fourth holiday and beyond.

webpage home page with fruits

Fight climate change by preventing food waste

Containing useful information and tips on how to reduce one’s food waste and how food waste affects global climate change

website homepage with shopper at grocery store

The problem of food waste. FoodPrint issue

Almost half of our food is wasted in the United States. How does this happen? What can we do to solve our enormous food waste problem?

website homeage with plates of vegetables

Fighting food waste means fighting climate change

Published report constining scientific data (mainly from 2011) surmising the carbon footprint of global food waste, about how much CO2 each person typical emits, and predictions for C02 emission by the year 2030.

website homepage with child holding vegetables

Food and climate change curriculum

A curriculum that teaches students the effects of climate change with growing foods.

website homepage with garbage

A new diet to combat the climate crisis

A web page/infographic that discusses the most recent data around food waste, the consequences of food waste, and how to lessen the environment impact on food waste.